Conversations at Work: Prologue

Co-workers are crazy. Anyone working the 9 to 5 is perfectly aware of just how crazy co-workers really are. Maybe it’s because we spend over 40 hours every week with each other. Like all relationships, we start to grow comfortable. When that comfort zone happens the crazy comes out! Their stories from childhood, dreams from the night before, fears, nightmares, weird collections, why the husband/wife/lover/girlfriend/boyfriend is driving them (and you!) completely insane. My co-workers are no exception.

But, crazy is hilarious. Maybe not at the time, you know, during full crazy. But after watching episodes of the Office, or having a few drinks, I’d recall the conversations and found them quite  … awesome. I’m intrigued by the British type of crazy.

Perhaps it’s my calm demeanor  or inability to walk away, but co workers love opening up. I’m receptive to these conversations, like some kind of lightning rod. Generally it’s when I’m incredibly pressed for time or at the end of the day, when I’m one foot out the door. OF COURSE I HAVE 10 MINUTES!

Unfortunately for them, I’m a writer. I like telling stories. And after much thought I decided to start writing these conversations down, at work, after they happen. I’m going to start writing a series of these aptly named: “Conversations at Work.” Which is ironic because 80-90% of the time it’s them talking and me just nodding in horror with a fake smile plastered on my face.

To cover my ass, I would like to mention a few things:

  • As previously stated, these are primarily one-sided conversations and shall be treated as such. Therefore, I’ve removed all my commentary. It just adds to the crazy. 
  • I won’t mention real names. Ever.
  • I won’t discuss anything personal about the company. Just the conversations.
  • All conversations are completely real. They are not verbatim, but pretty damn close. Because real is awesome.

Enjoy the cray cray.


Author: Phoenix

California girl living in the UK. I'm curious about astronomy, travel and just want to live my life as a writer.

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