Conversations at Work: Assistant Drive By

Hello! Yes, is she not in? Just missed her? That’s okay, we’ll catch up another time.

ImageHow are you getting on though? It’s hard, I know. It’s not fair really. I know *Ms. Sassy was right upset with everything before she left. Jobs are scarce now though, aren’t they? My son still hasn’t found one, he’s been applying. He got an interview and it was down to five people. He didn’t get it though. It’s the expectation really. They expect you to have experience but you can’t get experience unless you’re hired out of uni. It’s a shame. Young people today. How’s your family? I bet they miss you. It’s good we have technology like that so you can talk on the computer. But don’t worry, we’ll get it sorted. We have all the PO stuff together, it’ll all come together in the end. You should visit your family when you get a chance, I bet they miss you.

If anything changes, I’ll let you know. Okay, bye!

* Name changed. Obviously 😉


Author: Phoenix

California girl living in the UK. I'm curious about astronomy, travel and just want to live my life as a writer.

2 thoughts on “Conversations at Work: Assistant Drive By”

  1. LOVE these conversations at work. It’s like peeking through a keyhole into your life… but not like a stalker, like a friend who wants to see what you’re doing… which I am… oh my.

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