Conversations at Work: Maintenance Offers Good Advice


‘ullo! Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too!

So, do I get me card and chocolates now or do I come back for them later? ::grins::

 The key is to wait till the day after. I remember one year the fire brigade had left over roses, loads of red roses. They were giving them to people. I brought them home. The missus loved that. Then another year, in Banbury, it must have been an Islamic remembrance, they were handing out red and white roses to everyone. Peace roses. So they hand one to me, then the missus. It looked right silly for a man to be carrying a rose, so I handed it to her. Someone walked up to me and handed me another, so I handed that one to her. Then they did it again and again. She had a right bunch afterwards of white and red roses!

Yeah, but flowers die. Plants last a bit longer. Wait until after Valentine’s day, that’s the key.


Author: Phoenix

California girl living in the UK. I'm curious about astronomy, travel and just want to live my life as a writer.

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