About Kassie

Lewis and Kassie
Lewis and Kassie

Hi, I’m Kassie! I’m an American expat living in Warwick, England. I grew up in Northern California and moved to England early 2012. Yes, it’s a cultural shock moving abroad but I’m enjoying it, despite the lack of sunshine at times! During graduate school, I studied abroad in Wales and it changed my life for the better (note the Welshman in my pic). Not soon after I finished university I started looking at ways to live abroad.

I got lucky. I qualified for dual citizenship through my Italian ancestry. After a year of research and consulate visits, I got my red EU passport! Fast forward a few months and I sold the majority of my belongings, packed my life into two suitcases, and purchased a one-way ticket to Britain. And there you go!

My blog is a mixture of living in Britain with a healthy dose of nerdy commentary. Here’s a list of subjects I’ll most likely focus on:

  • astronomy, of all sorts
  • comic book arguments
  • fantasy, science fiction books
  • television shows
  • conventions, of all sorts
  • 80s and 90s references
  • pursuing dual citizenship

It took me a while to accept my inner nerd. It’s not just my passion, I live and breathe science, sci-fi and fantasy. I like to think it keeps my inner child happy.

Thanks for reading, stop by anytime.

Do feel free to send me Sriracha, or anything from the States food-wise anytime. Seriously … I do miss the diversity of American Cuisine!


How beautiful is the UK? I mean, seriously.

7 thoughts on “About Kassie”

  1. That’s so awesome you get to live abroad. I experienced something similar in that studying abroad made me really want to go live in other countries. (Although spending a summer in the slums of India has since toned down that dream some). Good for you.

    Also, my sister’s husband is from Ireland and now lives with my sister in northern California.

    1. Aww, thank you! Yes, it’s a bit far from home haha! Good experience, but long term I’ll end up living in California. Britain is soo expensive! πŸ˜€ But enjoying the time I’m spending out here, definitely. Europe is close, can’t beat that! I enjoy your blog, keep writing. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi there,

    I also got extremely lucky and discovered that I’ll qualify for Italian citizenship (providing nothing goes awry!). Your blog has so far been an excellent resource to guide me through the process. One question for you: one of the requirements of qualification is that none of your ascendants renounces their Italian citizenship. As my father and grandmother are both deceased, I can’t exactly have them testify to this fact. What was your experience with the requirements of the Embassy to prove this part? Should I have other family members sign a declaration that neither my father nor grandmother ever did this?

    Please feel free to email me directly!

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