Women Who Inspire

imgresI’ve thought about this project for a couple of years. You see, I’ve met some incredible people from all walks of life. Some I’ve met through studying abroad and living overseas, others through mutual friends, work acquaintances, and even online companions who have become as close to me as my family.

An idea started to form after looking at my social connections. Sure, I don’t know thousands of people on FaceBook, but honestly, I do know some AMAZING women! Each having a unique and beautifully written, engaging life story. Why aren’t we talking about this?

One is training to be a fighter pilot. A few others are nomadic world travelers. Some are teaching overseas, others have chosen to start families. Some are pursuing higher education. Others are writing novels, plays, children’s books. A few have started inspiring fitness routines. You get the idea. None is necessarily higher or BETTER than the other. Each has its own unique set of merits and goals.

These women uniquely INSPIRE me! They pursue what is right for themselves, their families and close companions. I find it admirable, in my opinion.

A woman who can raise two or three kids, work three jobs, pursue an education and still make dinner every night must be CELEBRATED. These women are s/heroes!!

Each week, I’d like a woman to write her story. What is her life journey so far? What advice would she tell a younger sister? What things has she learned about herself? I’d then like her to nominate another inspiring woman to repeat the process, and so on, and so forth.

It’s a way to connect to each other and start a dialogue. Think about it: WHO INSPIRES YOU?

Stay tuned for more …



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